Chris JohnsonInteractive Front-End Developer

Howdy, I’m Chris Johnson. I create interactive experiences on the web.

I’m a front-end developer, with balanced emphasis on visual presentation and technical implementation.

If you need some extra help making your web sites/apps more engaging, contact me.

Chris is one of the most thorough and passionate workers I know. I’ve worked with him on multiple projects and couldn’t endorse him more for his dedication to get things done.

Brandon Jernigan

FED at Kasasa, Piqora

A hard working self starter, Chris can take ownership of advanced projects, and see them through to completion. He has a vision focused on adding business value with his contributions, not just slogging through assigned tasks.

Chad Taylor

VP of Creative Services at Kasasa

Chris has shown his ability on multiple occasions to demonstrate critical thinking and deep knowledge on topics like image formats, JavaScript, and animation. Chris is a deep thinker and would be a great addition of any team!

Jessica Tremblay


Chris is one of the few people I’ve met who seem to be able to combine JavaScript, CSS, math, and art - and have it all work together to create a really cool experience in the end.

Chris Dhanaraj

Senior FED at IBM

His contribution to his team and to the front-end developer community at IBM as a whole has been invaluable. I will miss Chris’ passion and feel that he would be an asset to any team.

Kelly Churchill

Program Lead for FED@IBM

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